Our firm

Our work is our passion. It has been for 50 years, thanks to the ambition of appearing among the best. this objective has allowed us to become a heavyweight in certain areas of practice and in important business sectors without the need of becoming too large.

Our clients are companies and assets, which in some cases have been working with us for decades. They especially appreciate that the quality of our services is accompanied by balanced fees, which are possible thanks to a more agile structure compared to the other large firms of the sector.

This combination of ambition, quality in the work and large clients have placed our lawyers at the summit of their profession. Half of our partners are recognised among the best by the main directories of lawyers in the world.



Means working every day to care for the relation of decades that joins us to most of our clients.


Is the commitment that our partners are involved in all the subjects, which signifies a quality guarantee of our services.


Is the guarantee that our work involves more reasonable fees than other firms, thanks to a more agile structure.

Specialisation and transversality

Is our capacity to offer the excellence of a boutique in a multidisciplinary environment.

Year after year, the work of our professionals is recognised by the main lawyer rankings of the world. These are independent classifications realised by researchers and in which one cannot enter without clients and competitors endorsing its good work.



This publisher is the most prestigious of the USA. Throughout its history it has highlighted us among the best law offices in the area of Life Sciences, Restructurings and Insolvencies and Commercial Law and M&A.

The Legal 500.

The Legal 500.

This publisher is the most prestigious of the USA. Throughout its history it has highlighted us among the best law offices in the area of Life Sciences, Restructurings and Insolvencies and Commercial Law and M&A.

Who is Who Legal.

Who is Who Legal.

For years the researchers of this British firm has chosen professionals of Life Sciences, Restructurings and Insolvencies and Distribution and Franchises among the leaders in their speciality.

Best Lawyers.

Best Lawyers.

Since 1983 this U.S. firm has been highlighting the best lawyers of each country. We have seven partners and associates among those prestigious professionals. In addition, two of our professionals were awarded in 2014 as the best lawyers of the year, the highest recognition that Best Lawyers grants.

Practical Law Company.

Practical Law Company.

Their classifications appear among the most prestigious in sectors such as the pharmaceutical and health or that of restructurings and insolvencies. Our professionals have the pride of being selected year after year among the best in these fields.

Agustí ­ Jausàs. Founder of JAUSAS

The majority of the medium- and large-sized Spanish law firms are the result of the unification of several firms. At JAUSAS we have the honour of not being just the result of various mergers, but rather of the incorporations of renowned professionals to the same project.

Since its founding 50 years ago, the law firm has been growing as a prestigious firm thanks to the efforts and dedication of great professionals that have contributed to create the brand that JAUSAS is today. Our story is told thanks to the experience of all our partners, associates, senior and junior lawyers, interns and each and all the technicians and other professionals that are part of our firm or have been part of it. All of them have contributed to lead us towards progress and growth in recognition and prestige.


The Beginning

Agustí Jausàs founded a law firm after five years of combining his work in a laboratory with an internship, to which he had been obliged to undertake to earn a living after the death of his father. The combination of both experiences was the key to his success and for years he held the exclusivity in legal services to pharmaceutical companies.

The 70's

Consolidation of international contacts

The relations of Agustí Jausàs with important foreign lawyers led him to be one of the first Spanish professionals to enter in the International Bar Association (IBA), the most important lawyer’s association on the international level. The links woven in the organization were consolidated during the decade of the 1970’s and would permit him to hold important posts. During more than eight years he served as co-chairman of the Section “Sales and Related Commercial Transactions”, the most important of the era.


The most important step

The legal market of Spain had for some time been the scenario of the creation of multidisciplinary offices. In this context, Jausàs merged with Nadal & Vidal de Llobatera, a firm dedicated to Commercial Law and Litigation. Both shared the concern of having solid contacts and alliances outside Spain in order to cover the needs of clients that were becoming increasingly international.


The JAUSAS era begins

Jausàs, Nadal & Vidal de Llobatera merged in 2003 with Foro Legal, which allowed the firm to take the qualitative step in invoicing and geographic presence on the national level. The partners decided then to keep the name of the oldest firm. The brand originated under which were grouped nearly 100 persons between our two offices and to which in these last ten years two other firms have been incorporated: March & Asociados, which joined in 2007, and A&S Sampere Abogados, which did so from 2012 to 2015. The law firm keeps its commitment to growth in order to remain among the main medium size law firms in Spain.