Jordi Ruiz de Villa

  • Partner
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  • Practice areas / Sectors: Bank Litigation, Distribution and Franchise
  • Along with traditional activities in distribution and anti-trust law, Jordi Ruiz de Villa has had occasion to represent his clients in numerous litigation cases that have been milestones in jurisprudence. They include in particular numerous successes in national and international franchising claims, as well as advising SMEs and large companies in litigation of all kinds against financial institutions.

    This path has allowed him to earn repute in the field of complex conflict management (known by the term ‘complex litigation’), which encompasses in-depth study of the subject, pre-litigious negotiation strategies, internal and external communication, and the management of judicial or arbitration processes in all instances (including extraordinary appeals before the Supreme Court).

    Besides forging an extensive career as a litigation lawyer, Jordi Ruiz de Villa has also undertaken other activities and held institutional posts. He is an arbitrator of WIPO, has been a legal advisor of the Spanish Franchisers Association (AEF) since 1993, and has been chair of its Legal Experts Committee since 2004. Furthermore, he is member of the IBA (International Bar Association), the UIA (International Association of Lawyers) and the Legal Committee of the EFF (European Franchise Federation), among others.