Joan Vidal de Llobatera

  • Partner
  • Practice areas: Commercial Law, Family Company, Mergers and Acquisitions, Conflict Management
  • Over the course of his thirty-year career, Joan Vidal de Llobatera has focused his professional talents on business consultation, in merger and acquisition negotiations and in companies' national and international business dealings. He has also advised on property-related issues.

    The latter has involved disputes arising from such business relations with third parties and between partners and shareholders themselves, in both national and international proceedings.

    He is a member of the International Bar Association and IBLC Group, a member of the Italian Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana (AIGLI) and a member of the Catalan Experts Association for Inheritance Rights.

    Furthermore, he is also a member of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL), a group of truly elite trial lawyers from more than 30 countries, representing prosecutors and defense lawyers in criminal cases, and plaintiffs' and defense counsel in civil litigation (including business and personal injury cases).