Cristina Ruiz de Alda

  • Senior Lawyer
  • Practice areas / Sectors: Bank Litigation, Distribution and Franchise
  • Cristina Ruiz de Alda works as a Senior Lawyer for the Distribution, Franchising and Securities Litigation Department.

    After she graduated at the Barcelona University, she worked for a Solicitor´s Firm in London where she learnt Civil and Common Law, Franchise as well as International law. Back in Barcelona, she worked for Bocatta Company where she dealt with day-to-day Franchise problems, at a national and international level.

    At the Distribution and Franchising Department of JAUSAS she deals with important international franchise networks setting up in Spain, as well as openings of spanish franchises abroad. She is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and regularly attends its annual Franchise Meetings (IFA). She also attends the meetings held by the European Franchise Law (EFL) twice a year, so that she is permanently updated on European Franchise Law.

    After the international financial crisis in 2007, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the nationalization of Icelandic Banks and the Madoff scandal, she has gone deeper into the knowledge of financial Law in order to help investors deal with their financial problems, especially those related to derivatives. She is currently advising both in matters of international franchising and securities litigation.