Els beneficis d’assistir a la IBA Annual Conference (en anglès)


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Autors: Nieves Briz

IBA Daily News Washington DC

Aquest article està escrit en anglès: What do you come to the IBA annual conference for?

Dr Mercy Oke-Chinda. University of Portland, Harcourt, Nigeria.

It’s an opportunity to meet female litigators who have been very successful. It’s very encouraging for me, and comforting to know the challenges you face are the same in other jurisdictions.

Juan José Alcerro Milla. Aguilar Castillo Love, Honduras.

To learn from my colleagues that give us their background experience and for the networking, getting to know people and to learn from people. It’s great for networking.

Nieves Briz. Jausas, Spain.

Because this is a great place for networking, there are lawyers from all around the world. The speakers are really interesting too, especially the session on artificial intelligence.

Thomas E Tampubolon. Indonesian Advocates, Association, Indonesia.

This is the third time I’ve come to the conference and I get a lot of benefits from joining the discussions. I’m especially here for the keynote speakers, they’re very highly respected.

Carlos Ruiz Lapuente. Ruiz Lapuente, Uruguay.

It’s important to meet different cultures and gain business opportunities, and to understand the rule of law in lots of different countries. It’s just amazing to meet people from everywhere.

Alice Dimlong Asaije. Plateau State House of Assembly, Nigeria.

The conference is a world-leading organisation. I expect to meet senior lawyers and hope to learn from them, exchange information and make legal reforms back in Nigeria.

Niklas JRM Schmidt. Wolf Theiss, Austria.

I’ve been coming for 10 years and it’s a great opportunity to network with lawyers from other countries, establish new relationships and meet up with friends.